A summer in Brighton.

#Brighton is a pretty beautiful place.

Putting aside the fact it’s a cute seaside town, I think what really makes this town so incredible, are the people. I had the wonderful opportunity of working with the guys at Buffalo over the summer, who quickly introduced me to the North Laine, with all its diverse food and interesting individuals.

One of my first observations of the office were the Mario Kart and ping pong leaderboards. Whilst it’s safe to say I’m pretty atrocious at Mario Kart, I’d come armed with my own ping pong bat. By the end of June I was still finishing 12th in far too many races, and the only person I could seem to consistently beat at ping pong was Hugo. Bad times. Luckily, we had several post-work pizza and Mario Kart sessions, and by the end of my internship I had managed to secure a victory or two under my belt in the MK league as well as, on several occasions, prevailing against Buffalo ping pong champion James.

Outside of the office I kept myself fairly busy. Alongside a few sunset barbecues down on the pebble beach, I went on a wild camping escapade to the Peak District and experienced the wonderful metropolis just outside Winchester, BoomTown Fair. After being introduced to Run the Jewels in the office, we saw that they were playing at Banksy’s Dismaland. Leaving work at midday one Friday afternoon, Allyson and Dan kindly drove a carful of us over from Brighton to Weston-super-Mare, a gruelling four hour journey. We had a quick wander around the town to find that there really is nothing there except fish and chips, estate agencies and a Domino’s, so we headed on to the park. Ironically, Brightonian DJ Fatboy Slim was the supporting act, who had played at Brighton Pride just a few weeks earlier. El-P and Killer Mike put on an amazing show, and I’d definitely recommend going to see RTJ live if you get the chance.

As unlikely as it sounds, I actually learnt a huge amount about web development over the summer. Concepts I’d previously only seen in theory - such as the model-view-controller pattern and CRUD - I saw used in many projects, which gave me a slight hope that my computer science lectures weren’t completely obselete. Despite being given the grinding task of working on some email templates within the first few weeks, I did get to work on some really interesting projects, including integrating a new design (and its respective templates) into the current Oval Space site, which gave me an overall better grounding in back-end dev. My front-end skills also improved massively, learning to write much more efficient HTML, CSS and JS by building wireframes and playing around with preprocessors Sass and CoffeeScript (although I did however get carried away with my mega mixins on multiple occasions).